Scaravelli Yoga Teacher Training

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Carol Stall, E-RYT 500
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Teacher Training

Teaching Approach

The training we offer is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli’s discoveries and insights, which she wrote about in Awakening the Spine. Our asana (posture) teaching system has three key elements:

  1. consciously practicing groundedness through active yielding into gravity;

  2. using the exhalation to initiate each movement; and

  3. harnessing gravity and breath, rather than muscular force, to lengthen the spine in both directions simultaneously.

When Yoga teachers clearly understand how to teach groundedness and breath awareness during movement and stillness, along with attentiveness to non-forceful spinal lengthening, their students find yoga to be a safe and rewarding activity.

Students discover a sense of exhilaration and freedom in their postures. And they are much less likely to overwork and strain or injure their bodies in their practice.

For more information about the method employed in Scaravelli Yoga, please see the article, “Yoga, the Vanda Scaravelli Way.”

“Teaching is the highest level of work required by civilization in the world. In ancient traditions, the teacher was placed at the very summit of the hierarchy. Even the King consulted teachers for their advice."

~ Vanda Scaravelli


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