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He is the Teacher of all who have gone before, since he is not limited by Time.

From the beginning, the Oversoul has been the Teacher of all souls,which, by their entrance into the Oversoul, by realizing their oneness
with the Oversoul, have inherited the kingdom of the Light.  For the
Oversoul is before Time, and Time, father of all else, is one of His

~ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Book I: 25-27


Yoga, The Vanda Scaravelli Way - Part III

How to Get There
Begin by Connecting with the Body of the Earth . . .

As our primary resource, we connect with the body of the Earth. When we truly ground ourselves by simply yielding our weight, we come more and more deeply into this connection--with whichever body part is touching the ground-- the feet, sitting bones, shoulders, arms, etc. Ironically this is not something we "do" but rather something we allow. There is no end to the depth of this surrender.

The natural downward pull of gravity not only sustains our connection to the Earth, but also gives way to the resulting upthrust of energy--the same upward flow of energy we observe in nature, in everything that grows. We can find this very same action in our own bodies, and it carries us into a feeling of boundless joy, of soaring, effortless energy. This is the freedom that Vanda speaks about, given as a gift of grace from Mother Earth. By simply yielding to gravity, we can experience ripples or wavelike movements releasing the spine and limbs. These ripples are carried upward by the reciprocal energy waves of the earth, promoting a sense of ease and wellbeing in the body and releasing our tension and stress.

The Earth itself supplies the upward flow of energy for this release and movement, and that energy is carried through the body on the vehicle of the breath.

. . . Continue by Finding and Working with Your Breath

As we drop our awareness into the ground, a quiet attention begins to emerge, a connection to our deepest inner core. We find the subtle inner waves of the breath and begin to sense their relationship to the phenomena of release and movement in the spine and limbs.

This breath awareness follows closely on the heels of conscious groundedness. Can we allow each inhalation to be passive--just as a newborn's first breath is a passive, involuntary event? Each exhalation then becomes a dynamic affirmation of our aliveness--and of our intention to take the softness of each release down into gravity. Can we then respond to the upward surge of earth energy and take it into expansion supported by the breath?

When we practice in this way, Yoga becomes much more than a focus on alignment and form or on a defined pattern of movement. It becomes a marriage of the inner with the outer being. The mystery of connection to greater wholeness then comes to us as a gift. Emotions quite naturally quieten. We begin to find firmness and centeredness at the core of our being. The body, the mind, and the spirit are transformed. And we blossom.


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