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Yoga, The Vanda Scaravelli Way - Part II

What to Expect and Anticipate

When you are new to this way of practicing Yoga, you may feel confusion and doubt as to its value and authenticity. Let yourself relax around this—the concept is very simple. This way of practicing requires much more of you than merely positioning your limbs in a particular orientation, and you may find the practice to be more challenging at first than what you are accustomed to. It has a meditative quality. Scaravelli Yoga asks you to remain present in your experience from moment to moment and from breath to breath. It asks you to develop patience with yourself and to fully engage your own witness consciousness.

As you take yourself experientially into this system of yoga practice, a feeling of freedom and joy emerges from within the body. It takes time to let go of the inclination to muscle ourselves into the postures; it takes time to settle into the notion that the process of undoing provides a place where we can learn much about our attitudes, our self-judgment, and even our pain.

When we engage all of ourselves in the endeavor, each posture has beauty and purpose. As we enter a posture and find a place of greater fullness and space in the body, we discover a profound level of releasing deeply held tensions, traumas, and injuries. It is as if the meditative quality of this way of practicing invites a grace to inhabit our entire being.

In essence we are doing less, relinquishing the struggle, letting ourselves off the hook of achieving some ideal of perfection, giving ourselves the gift of time to unfold. When we are able to let go of externally imposed ideas of what a posture should look like, based on images from books, videos, or a teacher's demonstration, Yoga becomes something we can practice from the inside out rather than from the outside in. Then Yoga becomes truly our own practice.

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