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Points to Consider in Vanda Scaravelli’s System of Practicing Yoga Postures (Asanas):

  • take your time and let go of ambition

  • the posture will emerge as tensions and imbalances clear from the body

  • there is no need to "muscle"

  • find the roots of the posture in relation to the ground (feet, sitz bones, hands, knees, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, spine, pelvis, etc.—whichever part of the body connects with the earth)

  • keep the body soft as you drop into your "anchoring"—the body part that touches the earth

  • always give attention to alignment by beginning from the ground up

  • during your inhalation be passive (remain still)—then move on the exhalation

  • once stabilized and secure in your posture, watch for the exhalations to begin to trigger

  • ripples of release in the spine
  • sense the dropping action of the sacrum, which precedes the multi-stage releasing of spinal curves, and which occurs at the end of each exhalation

  • as the sacrum, lumbar and pelvis release, let the exhaled breath release you from the waist up

  • the resulting wave will clear the upper spine and neck of tension and imbalance

  • spontaneous, dynamic movement may surprise you! It brings life to the pose

  • wait until you can do the pose well in this method before deepening it or practicing a more challenging variation

  • once you are grounded, postures evolve through awareness of the rhythm of the breath and the lengthening of the spine

  • “scooping” the pelvis while standing helps with discovering the sense of a wave of release

  • long natural curves in the spine are desirable as balancers of front / back weight distribution

  • flat-backed students benefit; as the deep pelvic tensions release, a curve grows

  • know that while you are in transition from a more "muscle-dependent" style of practice, your muscular corset begins to change and you are temporarily more vulnerable to injury

  • when you are ready, there is no fear, and the posture arrives easily

  • have "infinite time-and no ambition"

"Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose."

~ Vanda Scaravelli

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